Friday, 2 September 2011

The Shadow Moon...

Sometimes for writing the children get to choose a card from the narrative bag.  Today, Latisha got this card:

Make up an interesting story about the moon.

And here it is...

The Shadow Moon

Once there was an excited moon.  It always made a scary shadow, to scare kids away from dangerous  houses and places.  One night when it was very dark and the full moon came, the moon was going to blow up!  That night, he did, so there was no moon.

The next beautiful night, the moon became a shadow.

One time the shadow moon went to a haunted house to make sure there was no trouble.  There wasn't, but when the shadow moon left, children came there.  The shadow moon did not know that another shadow moon was in the haunted house.  That shadow moon was evil!  The evil shadow moon always ate children, and would refuse to give up eating them.

From that day on, the evil shadow moon always ate children. Then, the good shadow moon found out! So he made a disgusting poisoned kid to kill that evil shadow moon for good.  It worked! And from that day on NO kids got eaten by that filthy shadow moon.  All the kids were safe.

By Latisha

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