Monday, 12 September 2011

ICT Expo

Room 7, along with the rest of the school, will present their topic learning to the community in the ICT Expo tomorrow (Tusday 13 September).  The expo is open to all whanau from 11.15 - 6pm.  We all hope that you can join us in celebrating the hard work we have all put in to our completed brochures.

We will also hopefully have our blog displayed on a netbook, so more people can check out our wonderful work online!  COme back later to see some pictures of our expo experience.


What a busy time it has been for Room 7.  Over the last two weeks all the children have been sharing their speeches in class.  This year, as well as reflecting on their own speech presentation, the children gave feedback to each other.  It is very interesting to see the children thinking about ways we can all improve our oral presentations.

I am very pleased to announce that two Room 7 children will be presenting their speeches at the finals in Week 8. They are Syvannah and Mack.  The rest of Room 7 are right behind you both!

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Shadow Moon...

Sometimes for writing the children get to choose a card from the narrative bag.  Today, Latisha got this card:

Make up an interesting story about the moon.

And here it is...

The Shadow Moon

Once there was an excited moon.  It always made a scary shadow, to scare kids away from dangerous  houses and places.  One night when it was very dark and the full moon came, the moon was going to blow up!  That night, he did, so there was no moon.

The next beautiful night, the moon became a shadow.

One time the shadow moon went to a haunted house to make sure there was no trouble.  There wasn't, but when the shadow moon left, children came there.  The shadow moon did not know that another shadow moon was in the haunted house.  That shadow moon was evil!  The evil shadow moon always ate children, and would refuse to give up eating them.

From that day on, the evil shadow moon always ate children. Then, the good shadow moon found out! So he made a disgusting poisoned kid to kill that evil shadow moon for good.  It worked! And from that day on NO kids got eaten by that filthy shadow moon.  All the kids were safe.

By Latisha

Monday, 29 August 2011


The wonderful comics of Nikau.  We aim to make this a weekly event, so be sure to tune in and see what other amazing comics Nikau will come up with for us.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Let it snow!

Last week Room 7 were amazed when it snowed in Auckland!  We couldn't believe our eyes.  Mrs Dawson thought that it was just hail, but we later learnt that it wasn't just hail it was graupel.  Graupel happens when snowflakes become encased in ice as they fall to the earth.  So we didn't get actual snow flakes, but they weren't hard ice hail pellets either.  They were soft enough to make into graupel balls.

You can see how much fun we had with the graupel in the pictures below!

Snow flakes are falling on my head!

Enough to grab handfuls!

Right, who is going to get this graupel ball thrown at them...

Who would have thought that our playground would ever look like this?

Skip to it!

Room 7 is busy preparing for the school 'Jump Rope for Heart' event on Friday, 2nd September.  We have learnt some new skipping steps and improved our fitness.  We all enjoy skipping.

That's team work in action in Room 7!

Friday, 19 August 2011


Hi, My name is Mrs Dawson and I have the pleasure of teaching Room 7 for the rest of the year while their class teacher is away on maternity leave (Hi Mrs Williams!)

Since the term began we have been full speed ahead with our learning, as we have so much to accomplish this term!  We are all very busy working on speeches as well as creating brochures to present our research at the IT Expo later this term.

Room 7 can't wait to share their learning with you all.